From the foundation provided by Service Star Building Cleaning Inc (1972), our business efforts have branched out over the years. Today, Star Group International forms the nucleus of a 4 company affiliation, known collectively as Star Group International. Together the Star Group International family includes:  

Star-Life Fire and Safety, Inc. (CDN, USA)

Incorporated in 2008 to provide fire life and safety inspections, installation, maintenance, compliance, reporting and establishment of Life Safety Programs. Star Life Fire and Safety is fire protection firm providing inspection, testing, preventive maintenance and repair of fire alarm and notification systems, sprinkler systems as well fire extinguisher service, re-charge and hydrostatic testing. Star Life Fire and Safety services customers throughout eastern and northern Ontario. Star Life Fire and Safety is headquartered in Ottawa with branch offices in Kingston, North Bay, and Thunder Bay.

Service Star Building Cleaning

Established in 1972 is a commercial janitorial and custodial services firm operating throughout Quebec, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Service Star Building Cleaning provides services to government, private, educational, financial, and health facilities. Service Star is currently providing commercial cleaning services for a combined square footage of approximately 4million square feet.

Quality Control International LLC (USA)

Established in 1998 providing Quality Control/Assurance Programs; Full Building Maintenance and Operations; Health and Safety Programs; Turnkey Procurement Services; Emergency Preparedness Programs. QCI is a qualified firm with experienced, professionally certified associates that provide tangible quality control inspections for government or private concerns, focused on the Facilities Management Industry throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. Quality Control International’s headquarters are located in Ottawa, ON with offices in Denver, Colorado. Quality Control International Provides Facilities management services in facilities across the United States for a combined gross square footage of approximately 3.5million square feet.

Trans Canada Safety by Star Life

Trans Canada Safety By Star Life specializes in providing quality services such as fire extinguisher testing and recharge services, fire alarm inspection and training, off-road inspections, emergency light inspection and more.The safety products we offer include boots, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, masks & respirators, emergency lighting and accessories, eye, ear & head protective gears and more. Our focus is to offer them the best safety services and products. Our solutions are available for businesses, organizations, public bodies and individual customers.